Be alerted to potential floods in your home with the CAVIUS flood alarm

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May 16, 2019
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Flood Alarm

Designed to detect a leak from a washing machine, dishwasher, broken pipes, or any other incoming water, the CAVIUS Wireless Battery Flood Alarm will alert you to all potential flood risks.

Used as a stand-alone device or connected to other wireless CAVIUS devices (up to 32 devices), the alarm helps to reduce the damage water can cause before it is too late. With an 85-decibel alarm, you’ll have no issue hearing it with all connected alarms also raising the alarm, and by using shorter sound bursts, you can tell the difference between a flood activation and one which is potentially life-threatening.

The flood alarm simply sits on the floor, ideally located near a potential leak source such as an appliance, and will activate when it senses water. However, if flood water could potentially rise above 2cm or the sensor needs positioning in an awkward area, then it is worth considering the plug-in external sensor. The main unit then secures to the wall, near the floor, while a probe sits on the floor.

Supplied with a replaceable 5-year lithium battery, the unit will also give you a 30-day warning of a low battery. An LED light indicates the alarm condition and features a hush/test button for silencing activations and checking the alarm condition.

Winner of the Red Dot Award in 2016, the wireless flood alarm can be used in conjunction with other wireless CAVIUS devices, including the battery smoke alarm, heat alarm, smart remote, and the mains powered smoke alarm.

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