CASE STUDY: Flood/Water Leak Alarm

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July 26, 2019
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Flood Alarm

We recently asked one of our customers to review their CAVIUS Flood/Water Alarm with a 5 year battery, see what they had to say about the CAVIUS range.

The customer required a flood alarm for a yacht’s bilge as part of the protection for the vessel. As he was already using the CAVIUS smoke alarm products he chose the flood alarm from the same range in order to link all the devices to each other.

Why did you choose our company over the competition?

I decided on CAVIUS due to the sleek design of their products as well as the quality of protection it provides. The added bonus is that all the CAVIUS products are very discreet.

What results have you seen since implementing our product/solution?

The main aim was to ensure that there is early detection. I wanted the alarm to give me a heads up when the system bilge switch fails or if there was some other sort of ingress of water which needed immediate attention.

Have you previously encountered a flood or were you simply installing it for future security?

Water in a yachts bilge is not uncommon so adequate protection was a ‘compulsory’ requirement.

What problems have you faced with the CAVIUS product?

On first installation the flood alarm kept sounding for no obvious reason and after checking the system there was no water present. This prompted me to contact the customer services team and they dealt with the issue straight away by sending another flood alarm out to me.

Was your problem solved by the CAVIUS team?

The problem was solved by the CAVIUS team as soon as I raised the issue. Furthermore, they also reported back to me with information following their tests on the alarm I had sent back to them.

What did you think about the CAVIUS customer service?

The customer service I received was 11 out of 10. I was sent a replacement model straight away and given additional advice on the best installation location for all round protection.

What would you tell others who might be considering our product?

“Go for it!

The CAVIUS products are top quality, very discreet and the customer service is outstanding.

I bought the first CAVIUS smoke alarm when it came out many years ago and I was impressed by the quality and finish of the product. Years later when I required a full protection system which could communicate between alarms for complete protection, I looked up CAVIUS again.

Due to the sleekness and sizes of the alarms I knew CAVIUS were the most suited to my needs. I was greatly pleased to see that the range had grown to include heat and flood alarms and that all the alarms were still able to connect to one another, whilst accurately being able to distinguish between a Fire, CO and the Flood alarm.”

“I personally think that the wireless range is well designed and suits my needs perfectly!”

Iain Maccraigach