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Travel Alarms CAVIUS

The award winning CAVIUS  travel alarm gives you  peace of mind when it comes to your personal safety and security.

Designed for added safety when travelling the CAVIUS Travel Alarm is not only a Smoke detector   which can be activated when staying at hostels and hotels with low safety level but also a motion sensor which can be activated when the device is placed in front of a door or hooked onto your backpack etc.

Additionally, the Travel Alarm from CAVIUS can be used as an attack alarm to be activated in unsafe situations.


  1. Personal attack alarm.
  2. Smoke alarm.
  3. Movement sensor Door and Smoke alarm mode can be activated at the same time.

It is always better to be safe than sorry when travelling in unfamiliar areas or areas which you feel might be unsafe. The CAVIUS alarm comes with a Carabina clip which makes it easy to attach to bags, belts or the back of doors etc.


  • Optical Smoke Alarm and motion detector device
  • Lightweight – 60 gr. (including 1 x AA battery).
  • Minimum 5-year life in normal operating condition.
  • Alarm sound is a continuous sound, sweeping from high to low tone for maximum alertness.

The primary job of a smoke detector  is to awaken sleeping persons and warn them of urgent danger – smoke detectors cannot help you if they are not activated or are placed incorrectly.

Where to place your CAVIUS smoke detector  depends on the size and layout of your room. For optimum performance when using a smoke detector , place it as high as possible and have as much free space around the unit as possible.

Optimum positions include; suspending CAVIUS  from the ceiling or lying the CAVIUS travel alarms  on its side at the base of the door. Do not put the Travel Alarm  within six inches of where walls and ceilings meet, or near heating and cooling ducts. Smoke detectors located in these areas may not receive the flow of smoke required to activate the alarm.

Do not place the unit inside a bag and expect the smoke detector to operate. Instead place it externally, lying it down on the floor in front of the door to enable both movement and smoke alarms to function.

Due to the portable nature of this product CAVIUS cannot guarantee the smoke detector

will operate if not placed correctly or if the unit is not maintained as mentioned below.

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