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Since 2013 CAVIUS has sold over 2 million alarms worldwide, these alarms continue to help protect homes and save lives. CAVIUS alarms undergo constant testing in the world’s best fire safety laboratories and input from the world’s leading fire experts help make CAVIUS alarms not only the smallest but also one of the most trusted.

In May 2017, CAVIUS launched the Wireless Family Alarms. Using innovative and smart Radio Frequency technology, the Wireless Family alarms connect with each other, offering extra protection for your home and family. This means when one of the alarms is activated, all other connected Wireless Family alarms will sound an alarm too.

When it comes to choosing the right smoke and heat alarms to protect your home and family it is clear that there is no shortage of choice available on the market, however, before you choose your alarms make sure you know more about the company manufacturing them, the testing it goes through, the usage and whether or not it will fit perfectly in your home.

In order to help our customers’, find out more about our smoke and heat alarms, CAVIUS have a resources page available to everyone, before choosing your alarm, have a look through our resource guides to find the best one.

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