Flood Alarms for Boat Owners

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September 20, 2019
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Flood Alarm

The seasons are changing once again and winter is only a few weeks away. CAVIUS want to share some tips and advice on keeping your boat safe  during the winter months with the CAVIUS Smoke and Flood/Water Alarm.

Many boat owners will spend less time using their boats for trips during the winter, it is a time where using safety devices can make you aware of risks or incidents occurring on your vessels.

CAVIUS have a wide range of devices which can give you the peace of mind that your boat is safe wherever you have stored it.

The CAVIUS Flood/Water Alarm

CAVIUS continues to break design codes with its new Wireless Flood alarm, designed with a 5-year battery life, 5-year warranty and an 85dB(A) siren to signal unusually high amounts of water in any area.

Designed for installation in private homes, boats, caravans/mobile homes, garages and humid environments such as the kitchen or bathroom, the CAVIUS Flood alarm is ideal for use near your sink, washing machine, dishwasher or in any space where flooding/leaking may be likely.

The Flood alarm also has Wireless functionality, meaning it can be easily connected with other alarms from the CAVIUS Wireless alarm family.


  • 5-year long-life battery (replaceable)
  • A penetrating sound at 85dB at 3 metres
  • Intelligent test and hush button
  • 30-day low battery warning
  • Unique smart clip ceiling mechanism
  • Easy installation

The CAVIUS Smoke Alarm

The Danish-designed CAVIUS Photoelectric Smoke Alarm is a welcome change to the traditionally large and unsightly smoke alarms we have had for years. Using all the recommended technologies from the global fire services, it offers early detection of a fire with a loud piercing audio alert when smoke is detected and it just looks great!

The CAVIUS 40mm alarms come fitted with a 10 year long-life battery. Once they are installed with the unique and simple “Smart Clip” ceiling mechanism, the battery is activated. They have an audio alert output of 85dB(A) at 3 metres, generating a piercing alarm designed to wake you from your sleep or attract attention.

CAVIUS Alarm Hub

The CAVIUS Hub allows you to control your entire CAVIUS Wireless Family from your smartphone and/or tablet. Through the Cavius App, you can now easily manage all your Wireless CAVIUS devices and get vital information wherever you are.

You will get push notifications when you need to test your alarm, replace the battery or if your Wireless CAVIUS alarm sounds. You can also use the App to test each Wireless alarm from the floor, avoiding dangerous situations when testing alarms. You can give each alarm a unique name to make it easier to locate which alarm has activated (e.g. Smoke Living Room, Heat Kitchen, Smoke Bedroom 1, Flood Basement).

You can also monitor the security of your doors and windows with the CAVIUS Door & Window sensor. Enjoy the comfort of being able to check that everything is closed from your phone and set up push notifications for when you are away for a greater peace of mind. Combine this with the CAVIUS movement sensor and you can be sure that intruders will not go unnoticed.

Another feature is Neighbourhood Watch, which can be activated by adding an e-mail address on the app to receive notifications. This is ideal for temporary use whilst on holiday or can be set up permanently if needed.

For more information on our safety products, click here.

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