How to protect your kitchen with a heat alarm

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October 23, 2019
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October 28, 2019
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Heat Alarms are the perfect safety device for your kitchen, they will alert you when an increase in temperature occurs.

Kitchens produce great amounts of steam and cooking smoke and ordinary smoke alarms are not able to cope with these confusing signals.

A smoke alarm would quickly be set off when a kitchen is being used. At the same time fires regularly start in the kitchen, so rapid fire detection is important.

Heat alarms work by detecting either rapidly rising temperatures or trigger when a certain temperature is reached. Heat alarms do not get set off by steam or smoke or the normal cooking temperatures. The thermistor in the heat alarm head only detects the temperature changes mentioned above and ignores all other influences.

To notify the rest of the house of a fire in the kitchen you do not need to rely solely on the siren in the heat alarm. You can interconnect the CAVIUS heat alarms with other smoke alarms in the house therefore, when one alarm sounds, all the alarms sound.

Heat alarms are also installed in garages and other areas where smoke or gases are present (with exception of bathrooms).

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