July 9, 2019

Quarter of landlords fail to fit homes with working smoke alarms

Tenants are living in dangerous conditions according to a recent survey. A survey of landlords has found that hundreds of thousands of tenants are living in unsafe housing with missing smoke or carbon monoxide alarms as landlords aren’t meeting obligations on repairs that they are responsible for. The data, collected by ComRes on behalf of Citizens Advice, found that a quarter of landlords failed to make sure there’s a smoke alarm on every floor of their properties and a further […]
July 3, 2019

Why you should choose tested Smoke Alarms

Recent news reports have put cheaper smoke alarms in the spotlight, showcasing many cheaper ‘unbranded’ alternatives for sale and how they have been putting lives at risks. The CAVIUS team have put together this short post on why the cheaper alternatives are not necessarily providing the same level of safety. eBay has removed the listings for smoke alarms that failed to detect smoke after a series of tests were conducted by consumer watchdog Which? and a new warning has been […]
June 25, 2019
Flood Alarm

The CAVIUS Flood Alarm

The CAVIUS Flood/Leak Alarm helps you detect flooding and water leakages, once equipped with a practical wall mount base is it possible to place the alarm under the washing machine or in other hard to reach places. The flood alarm uses radio frequency technology to sync with other wireless family alarms in the house. That way, when one of the alarms is activated, all connected wireless family alarms will sound. The alarm is supplied without the probe and base attachment, […]
June 14, 2019

CAVIUS exhibiting at FIREX International

The CAVIUS team are excited to announce that they will be exhibiting at the FIREX International show from the 18th-20th of June 2019. FIREX International is the only event that connects the global fire and security markets, and gives fire and security professionals access to the very latest technology from suppliers across the world, cutting-edge solutions and the essential knowledge to ensure life safety. So, whether you work solely in the fire industry or across both fire and security, a […]