December 6, 2019

Test your Smoke Alarms this Festive Season

Christmas is a special time for celebration and should not end in tragedy because of the extra hazards that are present at this time of year. As we approach Christmas it is important to remember that whilst we are getting ready for a month full of festivities and celebration, we also have some time to take care of our homes and ensure that all our fire safety appliances are working properly. Most of us have some time off during the […]
December 5, 2019
Smart Remote

Everything you need to know about the CAVIUS Smart Remote

CAVIUS has created a Smart Remote to work with the Wireless Alarm Family range. The communication between the alarm devices and the remote means that if an alarm occurs, the CAVIUS Smart Remote will activate and help you escape. The Smart Remote boasts the following functions: Remote Control: Test your alarms from a distance. Remote Pause Function: Useful for false alarms from cooking or other reasons. Emergency Flashlight: Helps you find your way out of a smoke-filled area. Grab & […]
November 29, 2019

Fire safety advice published following student accommodation fire

In a recent article published by FSM reported that following a serious fire at a student accommodation block in Bolton, Lancashire on 15th November, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service is issuing guidance and support for student residents and building owners. Student accommodation and housing providers have a responsibility to comply with fire safety legislation and give advice to their tenants on the fire safety arrangements and procedures for their building. Joe Hassell, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue […]
November 22, 2019

Which? investigation prompts 100s of unsafe CO alarms to be re-moved from sale: do you have one?

AliExpress and eBay have removed 438 listings for killer carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke alarms that Which? tests have found will fail to sound when they need to. The online marketplaces took the action following the Which? investigation, which revealed that seven potentially deadly unbranded carbon monoxide alarms and four unbranded smoke alarms were available through the sites. If you have an unbranded alarm that looks like any of the seven dangerous products featured on the Which? website, you will […]