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There are some simple fire safety steps you can take if you live in high-rise accommodation. Living in such a flat or apartment does not necessarily make you any more at risk from fire. The CAVIUS team want to share some tips with you in terms of fire safety when living in high-rise buildings.

According to regulations high-rise buildings are built to be fireproof. Walls, ceilings and doors must all be designed to stop the spread of smoke, resist fire and provide a safe means of escape.

Fire Safety Planning:

• Check the fire safety arrangements for your building – these will advise you on the building’s specific fire safety emergency plan if there is a fire
• Make a fire escape plan and practise what you and your family would do if you had a real fire in your flat
• Make sure stairways and fire escape routes are kept clear of all obstructions
• Check that doors on escape routes are never locked and can open from both sides
• Never tamper with internal fire mains (dry or wet riser) inlets on landings – these provide water to firefighters when there is an emergency (it could cost lives if they’re not working properly when there is a fire)
• Report a vandalised or damaged dry riser immediately to the management for the building and to your local Fire and Rescue Service
• Never use or store bottled gas cylinders in high-rise flats
• Never park or block access to high-rise flats – access roads are designed so that fire appliances can get as close as possible to fight fires.

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Most importantly, if you haven’t fitted any smoke alarms or sprinklers into your home, make sure you install them before it is too late.

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