heat alarm

October 25, 2019

How to protect your kitchen with a heat alarm

Heat Alarms are the perfect safety device for your kitchen, they will alert you when an increase in temperature occurs. Kitchens produce great amounts of steam and cooking smoke and ordinary smoke alarms are not able to cope with these confusing signals. A smoke alarm would quickly be set off when a kitchen is being used. At the same time fires regularly start in the kitchen, so rapid fire detection is important. Heat alarms work by detecting either rapidly rising […]
January 29, 2019

Design and Protection – Where should you be installing smoke alarms?

When speaking to interior designers they often say lighting is one of the most important elements when decorating your home, but instead of just wondering about the placement of lighting the CAVIUS team want to remind everyone that you should also take fire safety into consideration. This blog is to help ensure that you have left a space to protect your home. When we spend thousands of pounds on creating a home that is great to look at and even […]