Test your Smoke Alarms this Festive Season

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December 5, 2019
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December 9, 2019
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Christmas is a special time for celebration and should not end in tragedy because of the extra hazards that are present at this time of year.

As we approach Christmas it is important to remember that whilst we are getting ready for a month full of festivities and celebration, we also have some time to take care of our homes and ensure that all our fire safety appliances are working properly.

Most of us have some time off during the Christmas period and whilst we might find work around the house a tedious task it is important to take some time out and ensure that our smoke alarms are working.

Below is a simple guide to help test and maintain your smoke alarms:

Once a week: test the battery by pressing the corresponding button until the alarm sounds.

Twice a year: open the casing and use the crevice or dusting brush tool on your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust that has settled on the sensors.

Once a year: change the battery; it’s best to do this on a memorable date, such as a family birthday or special occasion, to help you remember each year.

During the festive period there are many things in our homes which could catch fire, make sure you follow all the advice on keeping your home safe and test your alarms to ensure that you can be alerted to any danger.

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