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August 27, 2019
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September 4, 2019
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78mm smoke alarm

CAVIUS has now extended their smoke alarm range to include a 10-year 78mm smoke alarm which is perfect for the modern family’s safety needs.

The 78mm cone-shaped body houses an optical battery-powered Smoke alarm with wireless interlink functionality. This enables the alarm to connect with up to 31 other alarms from the CAVIUS Wireless Alarm Family, giving you peace of mind that you will hear an alarm wherever you are in the house.

The wide and easy-access test button makes testing easier and can also be used to activate a 10-minute pause function when the alarm is sounding.



  • 10-year long life battery (sealed)
  • A penetrating sound at 85dB at 3 metres
  • Intelligent test and hush button
  • 30-day low battery warning
  • Unique smart clip ceiling mechanism


  • Battery: Lithium CR123A 3V, 1600mAh
  • Sound level: 85 dB at 3 metres
  • Optimal temperature of function: +4 to +38C
  • Maximum humidity: up to 90% Rh non-condensing

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