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CAVIUS answers the most frequently asked questions about their Smoke Alarms.

What is a smoke alarm?

A smoke alarm is an electronic fire security detection device which will detect smoke early, warning occupants with a loud siren so that they can get out before being intoxicated by smoke. (80% of fire deaths are due to inhalation of toxic smoke)

When should I replace my smoke alarm?

Your smoke alarm has a 5 or 10 year lifetime, depending on the battery size. The battery end of life will be marked on the alarm, either on the outside (sealed) or inside (replaceable) of the battery compartment.

How should I test and maintain my smoke alarm?

After installation testing, you should test your smoke alarm every 3 months by pressing the test button for at least 10 seconds. This will trigger the test alarm.

To maintain your smoke alarm, vacuum around the smoke chamber regularly. This is important because dust may accumulate inside the smoke chamber even if it looks clean on the outside.

Do not use water or household cleaning products to clean your alarm.

How many smoke alarms should I install in my house?

One smoke alarm per floor is a definite minimum. Ideally in every room in the house where it is advised to install a smoke alarm:

  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Hallways
  • Basement

Why should I choose a more expensive alarm versus the cheap alarms on the market?

The higher price of some alarms normally reflects the quality of the components used. Higher quality components also mean that these alarms often use less power and have a longer battery life than cheaper equivalents.

Strict levels of quality control also cost more. All CAVIUS alarms are 100% tested for sensitivity, sound, power consumption and other important points before being sold. The manufacturing set-up is audited by AFNOR and CNPP from France, one of the world’s best test institutes. All shipments are inspected by ourselves and by a 3rd party testing institute.

Furthermore, samples from all production batches are sent to CNPP for test – all to secure the world’s safest alarms for you.

How often should I test my alarms?

We recommend that you carry out a weekly visual check to see that the LED is flashing every 48 seconds and do a full test of the alarm once per month.

We recommend that all your alarms are tested every 3 months; when you press the test button the alarm will check the full function of the chamber and the battery.

Where should I install my smoke alarm?

Your smoke alarm should be installed in the middle of the room or at least 50cm from any obstacle (as far as possible from the wall), with a minimum of one smoke alarm per floor (ideally one per room). The best areas to install smoke alarms in hallways and stairways is close to rooms off the corridor.

It is highly recommended not to install smoke alarms in a kitchen or a bathroom: smoke and high humidity levels make false alarms more likely. Also avoid garages, laundries, fireplaces and other locations where combustible particles could disturb your alarm.

In these areas it is recommended to install heat alarms instead.

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