Which? investigation prompts 100s of unsafe CO alarms to be re-moved from sale: do you have one?

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November 20, 2019
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November 29, 2019
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AliExpress and eBay have removed 438 listings for killer carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke alarms that Which? tests have found will fail to sound when they need to.

The online marketplaces took the action following the Which? investigation, which revealed that seven potentially deadly unbranded carbon monoxide alarms and four unbranded smoke alarms were available through the sites.

If you have an unbranded alarm that looks like any of the seven dangerous products featured on the Which? website, you will need to buy a new alarm as soon as possible. Buy a well-known brand from a high street store or a reputable online retailer. Which? only found dangerous alarms like these ones to be available through online marketplaces, such as eBay, AliExpress and Wish.

Which? searched eBay for CO and smoke alarms and found reams of listings for the 11 alarms mentioned above which have failed their tests and that can’t be relied upon to detect smoke or CO. Since their latest investigation, eBay has now delisted all alarms identified as unsafe. However, while some have only recently failed the Which? tests, they have uncovered at least five designs of alarms in previous years and these will have been known to eBay.

In all, 91 of the cheapest 200 CO alarms listed in ‘Buy it now’ auctions had failed their CO detection tests. And 50 were the type first alerted eBay to three years ago. The story is the same with smoke alarms. Fifty of the cheapest 200 listings were alarms that failed their smoke tests and 34 were alarms they have twice alerted eBay about, first in 2018 and then in May 2019.

Read more on the Which? Website.

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