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February 14, 2020
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February 26, 2020
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If you’re looking for a smoke alarm for your home, there are many options to choose from. The smoke alarm market is filled with standard smoke alarms which cost less and seem to do the job just fine, however, before you buy the most standard alarm let us tell you what makes the CAVIUS alarm the best choice.


The core technology of the CAVIUS 40mm smoke alarm was designed by a team experienced in developing high quality system smoke detectors to EN54-7. These systems often have hundreds of detectors, and a single false alarm can cause evacuations of hotels, hospitals, shopping centres and other facilities that have large systems. This experience in developing highly reliable smoke detectors has led to the team previously having direct involvement with forming and revising EN detection system and smoke alarm standards.


The way that the alarm is designed with layering of components meant that the overall design was small as possible. This is what made the 40mm smoke detector a first in the market and revolutionary for the smoke alarm industry.

CAVIUS alarms use the highest quality components to ensure quality, reliability, stability and products that will be 100% operational during their lifetime.


The effective size of the smoke sensing chamber is much smaller than previous ‘standard’ designs. To maintain high standards of performance, this requires additional cost to ensure that the optical components, amplifiers for the photodiode and micro controller are high quality to carry out accurate signal processing.


The performance of a smoke sensor depends on good smoke entry from all orientations around the alarm. It must also have a very good resistance to false alarms caused by various sources of contamination and humidity, something that is often missing in larger smoke alarm sensor designs.

Thanks to their high level of performance, CAVIUS smoke alarms are certified for recreational vehicles where exposure to regular changes in humidity and temperature is commonplace.


The software in a CAVIUS smoke alarm includes a fire detection algorithm with features like those found in expensive analogue detection systems. These features include correction for drift due to the build-up of contamination, rejection of spurious signals, temperature compensation and averaging of the signal levels. These features give CAVIUS smoke alarms a superior performance compared to the simple alarm thresholds used in standard smoke alarm ICs.

The software also includes a calibration routine, which stores a gain factor in flash memory. This is more accurate than the manually set variable resistor seen on most other alarms, and much more reliable.

The software also includes features for self-testing, hush mode after alarm and a battery test.


At CAVIUS, we test 100% of our products in a smoke tunnel to ensure the right calibration, and every single alarm is checked in an anechoic room for sound output levels.

Samples from each production week are sent to an accredited lab, and we always have an inspection by an external audit company before shipment of goods.

Our factory is audited several times per year.

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