Why having a working smoke alarm can save your life and your home!

CAVIUS Thermal Heat Alarm is game-changer for cooking fire safety
July 25, 2018
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Cavius Smoke Alarm in Hand

It’s a fact that smoke alarms provide a vital early warning for fires in the home.  According to the latest figures from the Fire & Rescue Service, there were 14 per cent more fatalities in homes where there was no working smoke alarm during 2016/17.

But while most households in England (93%) have at least one smoke alarm, 7 per cent  – approximately 1.5 million households –  still do not have even one.

Interestingly, private renters and owner occupiers living in properties built before 1945 are least likely to own a working smoke alarm, while those most likely are people living in properties built after 1980, those who are social renters (both local authority and housing association tenants), and those households made up of couples with children.

However, the fact that you have one or more smoke alarms isn’t enough to keep you and your property safe – they must also be working and be tested regularly too.  The figures also showed that 22 per cent of households never test their smoke alarm and that battery powered smoke alarms had an 18 per cent higher failure rate than mains powered alarms in the year April 2016 to March 2017.

There were 161,770 fires in England between April 2016 and March 2017 and approximately 19 per cent (30,340) of these occurred in private homes. Cooking appliances were the highest cause of accidental fires in households (49 per cent), followed by electrical appliances (approximately 25 per cent), with other sources such as smoking, candles, matches, lighters and heaters accounting for the remaining home fires.

Hopefully these figures have convinced you that a smoke alarm is one of the most essential additions you can make to your home, even though it might have been the last thing you were thinking about!

In 2010, CAVIUS introduced the world´s original smallest photoelectric smoke alarm, which is about the size of golf ball.  Today CAVIUS offers a complete range of smoke, heat, flood, and CO alarms, all communicating wirelessly. The range brings unrivaled communication between wireless battery-operated alarms and mains powered alarms.

CAVIUS alarms suit areas of the home such the bedrooms, lounge and hallway where you want your alarm to be almost invisible, so those large unsightly smoke alarms are a thing of the past!  CAVIUS devices also have a 30-day low battery warning, increasing your chances of identifying that your smoke alarm batteries need to be replaced and best of all the CAVIUS Smoke Alarm has a 10-year long life battery, so no need to replace the batteries year after year either – simply test on a monthly basis and relax in the knowledge that you are covered.

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